Butternut Squash Prep

openly halved butternut squash on cutting board

How are you cooking up your squash from this week’s box? We decided to do up this week’s butternut squash from Pivot Produce in two different ways. One sweet, one savory.

?‍? Follow along with these steps if you’re unsure of how to prepare or if you’d like a little added inspiration.


openly halved butternut squash on cutting board

1. Preheat oven to 400°. Cut off the hard ends and slice your squash lengthwise in half. Cutting through the tough exterior of squash/melons can be challenging. You can make this easier by pressing your knife down into the center and then rocking it back and down like you would a paper cutter. Once one side is through you can turn and do the same for the other.

seeds taken out of butternut squash show in a dish

2. Scoop out the seeds from your squash and set aside in a separate dish. If you separate the mushy pulp mostly from the seeds they will be easier to manage and cook later (if you want to roast them like pumpkin seeds). *You can roast the seeds at 350° for about 15-20 minutes*

peeled butternut squash on cutting board

3. Use a peeler to take off the outside skin of the squash. Adding a little extra force pushing down and away from you should make this a bit easier. You’ll want to take off just enough to get close enough to the flesh color as depicted. Some people like to do this before cutting in half, we think you can do it whichever way you prefer!

olive oil with garlic clove and fresh rosemary

4. Prep your oil for cooking your squash. You’ll be using a small amount of oil to protect your squash as it heats and allow it to get nice and tender in the oven. Don’t overdo the oil. Adding too much will make your squash soggy. ?For our savory half, we decided to mince some fresh garlic (you can roast prior if desired) and mix with a bit of oil and rosemary. For our sweet half we just mixed a bit of oil with some agave nectar. *NOTE-feel free to experiment*

cubed butternut squash with garlic rosemary oil on cutting board

5. ?Cut your squash into cubes. They don’t have to be a specific or even uniform size necessarily, just take note that larger pieces will take longer to cook than smaller. We opted to cube our savory half and leave the other half intact.

cubed butternut squash with rosemary garlic oil next to agave nectar on open half

6. Drizzle/lightly coat your squash with the prepared oil. If you are using a complete half, make sure to spread the oil for good coverage. *The picture doesn’t exactly show the agave nectar lightly, but it should be*

Place your tray with squash into the oven for 40-45 minutes. After 20 minutes, flip your cubed squash so that it gets nice and toasty on both sides.

garlic rosemary cubed butternut squash next to greens

7. Take out of oven, rest five minutes, serve ? and enjoy!

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