Comfort Food: Butternut & Kabocha Squash

Winter squash has graced our food boxes with their smooth and comforting flavors! Butternut and kabocha squashes are so nurturing during the colder months. With flavors similar to sweet potato, pumpkin and chestnuts you can enjoy these squash in a variety of ways! They can be served savory or sweet. The extra creamy texture of the kabocha squash, a Japanese pumpkin, makes for a luxurious and delectable experience!

Butternut and Kabocha squash are delicious diced and roasted to perfection, or blended to make a super smooth soup. And according to one food box customer, Kabocha is wonderful as a pumpkin pie!

As for us, we created a savory roasted garlic butternut squash side dish that was enjoyed alongside Prickly Pear BBQ Glaze Chicken entrée and escabeche by Gallery of Food and a fresh salad from Pivot Produce. All included in the Local Food Box.

For the creamy kabocha, we went all out and created garlic pumpkin alfredo, an extra indulgent meal. Pictured with spaghetti squash noodles and fresh grated parmigiana Reggiano. We paired this with Beyond Bread Sourdough (from the food box) and a Barrio Blonde from a local brewery here in Tucson, AZ.

It’s amazing how kabocha and butternut squash can be seasoned to compliment it’s nuttiness or play up the sweetness, creating a symphony for your taste buds! I started getting really creative with the winter squash recipes. I tried butternut as a spread on fresh bread and I tried a sweet version using agave nectar.

There are so many ways to enjoy winter squash like butternut and kabocha, what’s your favorite recipe?