Onda Güey

Onda Güey

Courier/Delivery Service

Onda Güey

Onda Güey is a local courier servicing our Tucson community. These delivery experts provide a full range of courier services that include, but are not limited to: 

  • City-wide wholesale and retail distribution
  • Secure and confidential transportation of packages & correspondence
  • Bank deposits
  • Laundromat drop-offs and returns
  • Grocery & pharmacy pick-up
  • On-demand and scheduled delivery of meals for individuals, groups, and drop-off catering from a growing list of affiliated Tucson restaurants

Quite the impressive list of services isn’t it?

What’s just as impressive (maybe even more if that’s possible), is their dedication to making a positive impact for our businesses here and our local economy.

There are still plenty of folks who might not be aware that orders placed through national and international delivery services typically cost local businesses 30-50% of the total sale. That in turn means that many times your favorite local business might barely be breaking even on the sale. What’s even more sad, is that a quarter to a third of the profits from those sales immediately leave Arizona.

With Onda Güey, less than 5% of your order total leaves Tucson. More money stays local, more money spent local, rinse, repeat. Through their commitment and expertise, Onda Güey is doing their part to build and maintain a local circular economy.

For the reasons above, it’s a no-brainer that we enlisted their delivery services to be part of the Humanity Hub Network. Onda Güey continues to support local by delivering The Local Food Box and The Local Loot Box to our community, in a professional, safe, and timely manner. Check out their about page to see the full range of services they provide here in Tucson.

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