Our Boxes

three versions of localbox boxes

The background of our boxes

From their original conception our boxes have gone through a few different variations as we’ve worked to develop a solution that works for everyone.

The Local Food Box

Initial Version

Initially, we considered using a variety of bright colors that would really make our boxes stand out. This included not only ink print on the outside for the box color and logo, but with additional print for instructions on the top. Originally we even wanted prints on the inside where we could highlight art from local artists each time.

As we thought about it more with our green initiatives in mind, we quickly realized that not only would doing this come at a much higher cost, but it would also end up being detrimental to the environment. While we’ll admit, it does look pretty cool, with the increased use of inks and the manufacturing that adds to our carbon footprint it was not an option we could stand behind.

local food box with sticker label

Current Version

Our interim solution has consisted of utilizing standard corrugated cardboard boxes with donated paper printed on for branding. For our pilot boxes, we had initially printed instructions on the top and also included a detailed booklet highlighting not only the contents of the box, but also the people and organizations involved in the project. While it’s a much better solution than the previous option and allows us to brag about the people that make it all possible (and we love doing that), we knew we could do better.

After our initial pilot boxes we transitioned to featuring the businesses and contents of the box through our website localboxaz. Through the website updates, we’ve been able to provide the recognition that these businesses deserve while visually highlighting the contents of the box. Each box is updated on the “What’s in the box?” page and also displays boxes from previous weeks. Not only does this eliminate the product waste from physical booklets, but also allows us to provide better value to our customers and vendors.

Now, we are able to highlight more about the businesses that make it all happen and link directly to their websites, social media accounts, events, and initiatives making it easier for others to connect with their new favorite local business.

local food box eco friendly mockup

Next Iteration

As we move forward, we want to decrease our footprint even further. Once we have reach our next milestone, we will be utilizing eco-friendly ink for our box branding eliminating unnecessary paper usage and less ethical printing practices. In addition, we’ve already been in discussion with others regarding reclamation, upcycling, and re-usage options to maximize their space and minimize unnecessary production. We continue to highlight our community through the What’s in the box page, website, and social media, and are looking forward to discovering and developing even more sustainable options in the future.

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