Locally Grown Produce Subscription

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Are you looking for fresh Locally Grown Produce? Whether your CSA is currently waitlisted, or you’re searching for higher quality Locally Grown Produce, we’ve got you covered!

Our produce is provided by our partners and friends over at Pivot Produce. Pivot Produce has connected with many local farms and growers over the years and continues to do so, promoting local agriculture and distributing to those in need.

Here’s an example of some Locally Grown Produce fresh picked from the farm that you can expect:
Red Leaf Lettuce
Romaine Lettuce
Delicate Squash


Serving amounts – Each unique item may include more than 1 i.e. garlic (3 heads), apple (2 apples), etc.

Single Serving: 3-5 unique seasonal produce items
Double Serving: 5-7 unique seasonal produce items
4 Serving: 7-10 unique seasonal produce items
6 Serving: 10-13 unique seasonal produce items
Doorstep delivery on designated Monday Mornings 10am-12pm is offered by our partners, Onda Güey, a locally owned courier service. Pick-up on designated Monday mornings 10am-11am at Cook Tucson 1702 N Stone Ave Tucson, AZ 85705.

Exactly how local are our boxes? Our boxes were crafted from the ground up to help our community thrive. Every box is sourced as locally as possible.

Serving Size

Single Serving, Double Serving, 4 Serving, 6 Serving


One a month, Two a month, One a week (4 weeks charged monthly), One a week (Charged weekly)