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As we made the fast pivot in the beginning on 2020 to move the Humanity Hub Network’s initiatives as fast as possible, we knew we were going to need the structure and the talent to make the biggest impact for our community. Through market research, we had already heard great things about Devon Underwood and The Talent Store, and were even further impressed when we enlisted her services for the Humanity Hub Network.

We like to move fast, and Devon was able to keep up. In their process, Devon doesn’t just focus on filling a role based on qualifications on paper, but through meaningful conversations with each candidate. Not only were they able to quickly provide a number of qualified candidates, but each of the candidates also had a full idea of what our goals and ambitions were just as we understood exactly what they were looking for.

Many times expectations are pretty one-sided in talent acquisition, favoring the employer, but we were absolutely thrilled that Devon takes the time to connect with people on an individual level. 

Devon Underwood Founder of The Talent Store

Devon Underwood is a proud alumni of the University of Arizona and has provided executive search, recruiting, and talent acquisition strategy consulting for clients in 40+ states for the last 15 years.

Devon initially started the Talent Store upon addressing the fact that recruiting firms and HR consultants had been operating the same way they had been for 20+ years despite the massive changes to the talent landscape.

With her vision for a more effective talent acquisition strategy, and creating meaningful relationships with people, we’re ecstatic to see the work they continue to do; building personal connections and developing lasting relationships.

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