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We first discovered Vib’n through a local podcast by Essentage. During their conversation, co-founders Hector Treto and Paul Mendoza shared their story of how their passion for personal growth and discovery fueled the flame to empower others to ignite that same passion in their own lives.

Through conversation and collaboration, Vib’n continues to work closely with individuals and organizations in our community. The Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and were also recently recognized by The Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Arizona Daily Star’s “Tucson’s 40 under 40”.

Paul and Hector of Vib'n

As we listened in on the conversation, it reminded us of how we got started years ago with a passion for helping others succeed through personal discovery and consultation here in the community. We believe that discovery and growth are absolutely critical for personal success and quality of life.

That’s why as part of our initial structure one of the first things built in was the strategy to include these opportunities and resources for not only our team, but also for individuals that provide their goods or services to our community through our network (and eventually create opportunities for those outside of our network).

As the Humanity Hub Network continues to grow and develop, we’re working together with Vib’n to help our community thrive, providing a variety of training, workshops, and consultations in the journey for personal growth and empowerment.

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