What’s Next?


Increase food access and convenience

We’re already working with a number of established local businesses and entrepreneurs to increase access to quality food through our network and creating convenience to the community with our pick-up locations and included delivery for our products the Local Food Box and Local Loot Box.

Create recurring revenue for local

Through our subscription box products, our goal is to generate alternative methods of income to local businesses and entrepreneurs. As more people move to supporting through a locally sourced subscription, it creates a monthly demand for production and increase in sales for businesses.

Coming soon

SNAP (EBT) Purchases (Increase food security)

We’re firm believers that no one should go hungry and that everyone should have access to quality local food. We’ve been taking the necessary steps pre-emptively to be able to offer the Local Food Box to SNAP customers as fast as possible.

While we’ve been doing everything we can to have this available by the holidays this year, due to a number of reasons we’re going to have to wait a bit. HOWEVER, last we checked (and as we know things can change rather abruptly) we will be able to submit the necessary documentation for next steps soon.

We won’t have a firm date on when this will be available, but we’ll be updating everyone as we progress.

The Local Loot Box

The Local Loot Box takes everything that works from the Local Food Box and opens it up to our talented local businesses and entrepreneurs. Each month, The Local Loot Boxes are specifically curated, themed to highlight and share a taste of what our community has to offer. Handmade goods, practical gifts, and coupons/discounts for local services are some of what you can expect inside this monthly box. Technically, the Loot Box is already well in the works, but since it won’t be launching at the exact same time as the Food Box, it’s listed here. To see some examples from our Pilot Box you can check out the Loot Box Instagram account.

Specialized Boxes

We know especially when it comes to food (and products) that people have preferences. As we scale, we’ll be able to offer additional local subscription box products such as:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Office Snacks
  • Treat your self (self care)
  • Arts
  • Doggo

These are just a few examples of some of the boxes that we have already begun working on to make available in the future.