Winter Showers Help Prepare for Monsoon Storms

Winter storms and showers help us prepare for monsoon downpours by tracking the flow of water and planning ahead.

It’s important to manage the flow of water on your property at home and at the office to mitigate flooding damage to the land and property. This also helps protect the environment from erosion damage!

Another added bonus of water management during our monsoon season, is the ability to decrease the mosquito population by reducing their opportunities to multiply in stagnant water as much as possible.

3 steps to Be Prepared

Here are the three easy steps to better water flow management at home or in the office

  1. Take a look
    • Track the water flow and puddles that appear after a winter storm or shower
  2. Find Creative Solutions
  3. Put Solutions in Place
    • Take the time (and possibly money) to implement a solution for your property’s waterflow management! And take a moment to pat yourself on the back! Great job!

Repeat these steps during monsoon season, after winter showers and throughout the year. Take a look at the waterflow after the solution was implemented, find creative solutions to continue to help the water flow. Take a look during and after any severe storms. During monsoon season we get to experience lightning and thunder with extreme wind and large rain drops here in the Sonoran Desert.

Pictured: Humanity Hub Network Green Team members assessing the flow of water at their home office. This includes tracking and measuring water puddles after a winter shower.